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State criminal background checks are the most widely used criminal background check in the United States of America. We offer instant criminal background checks in every state except for Massachusetts County Background Check, Delaware County Background Check, Wyoming Criminal Background Check and South Dakota Criminal Background Check. However, you can perform non-instant county criminal background checks in those states. You can also perform a non-instant statewide criminal background check in South Dakota and Wyoming.

All of our state criminal background checks include a free national sex offender search and a free USA most wanted criminal search. Our instant ordering system allows users to place orders by simply selecting the state they wish to place an order. They are also able to perform multiple state searches on the same person or to select the 46-state national criminal check.

State Criminal Background Checks  
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 State Criminal Background Checks Details:

 Turnaround Time:  All state criminal checks are performed instantly except for DE, MA, SD & WY
 Price:  $24.95 per state criminal background check
 Other Charges:  None
 Coverage:  Details for each state are located on each of our state criminal check pages
 Results:  State criminal check results include felony, misdemeanor and some traffic records.

Most of our instant state criminal background checks include corrections data and court criminal data which may return misdemeanor and felony convictions and some traffic offenses. The state criminal background checks typically include criminal offense information, physical characteristics, sentence info, and other relevant court conviction information. To view detailed information regarding the criminal check description for a specific state criminal background check, please select a state from the “services by state” link menu above.