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Order one statewide criminal background check for $24.95 and a second for only an additional $14.95. Then get a free criminal background check included as the third state. If the person you are screening has lived in more than one state, but less than four, this 3-state background records check may be the best option.

Multi State Criminal Background Check  
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 3-Sate Criminal Records Check Details:

 Turnaround Time: This is an instant criminal background check
 Price:  $39.90 per 3-state criminal records check
 Other Charges:  None
 Coverage:  You choose 3 states. Details for each state are located on each of our state page.
 Results:  Criminal records check results include felony, misdemeanor and some traffic records.

Why our Multi-State Criminal Records Check is Popular:
Customers that know the state or states they want to perform a criminal background check in because they know where the person being screened has lived, might have criminal history in, or jail or prison time in may choose a multi-state criminal record check. If they need to check more than three US States, then it becomes more feasible to just run a national criminal background check.

Our multi-state criminal records checks includes additional free background checks like a national fifty state sex offender registry search and a free criminal background check of the US Most Wanted Criminals list including FBI, Secret Service and Americas most wanted criminals.

This value package was created to give our customers a significant cost savings when ordering two or three criminal background checks on the same person.  There is no need to spend additional money on a national criminal background check when the 3-state criminal records check is sufficient. We found that many customers who perform a criminal background record check on someone they are screening would like to also search one or two other states. In a lot of cases the person they are screening has lived in one or two other locations. This product allows for a third state to be searched absolutely free so your total cost for three statewide criminal background checks comes to under $14/state.