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County Criminal Background Checks: has responded to its customer base by adding county criminal background checks to its existing product line and can now perform real-time up-to-date reliable county criminal background checks directly from our ordering form. Even though these are non-instant background checks they will reveal what is currently on file at any county court house in the country as of the date you request the search from us.

County Criminal Background Checks  
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 County Criminal Background Check Details:
 Turnaround Time: Most take between 1-3 business days to complete, but some can take longer.
 Price:  $24.95 per county criminal check
 Other Charges: Some counties charge an additional surcharge; the extra fees are displayed on the order form.
 Coverage: Details for each county are located on each of our state pages.
 Results: Results include misdemeanor and felony conviction records. Please read the description of each county before placing your order.

We now offer County Criminal Checks at, now all our customers can perform county criminal background checks right here. We can perform criminal background checks in all 3,143 counties within the USA. Please Click Here to Perform County Background Checks.

County Criminal Background Checks in all 50 states - Over 3000 Counties
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What is a County Criminal Background Check?

A county criminal check is a criminal background check which in most cases involves a court researcher physically going to a court house (or other place where criminal records are stored) and pulling criminal history records from the past seven years on the individual being investigated.  The USA is currently comprised of over three thousand counties and criminal background checks can be conducted in every county in the USA.

A professional court researcher is sent to the court in question and retrieves the complete criminal record manually and we then get those criminal records to you in a timely manner. This non-instant criminal background search does not return arrest records or police records, but instead returns court conviction records, primarily felony records but can return some misdemeanor records.  If you are investigating an individual that has an arrest record, but was found “Not Guilty” by the court system, then there would be no conviction record on this person’s file and so you would receive “No Records Found” from your search.

County criminal searches are only effective if you know the county in which the person being investigated could or does have a criminal record in.  This is why many people place a national criminal background check or statewide criminal background checks prior to placing a county criminal checks. Then if more details are needed they then have the information they need to go ahead and perform a county level background check.  This then enables them to get all the additional details of the case in question they are looking for.  Once you place a county criminal search a professional court researcher goes to the courthouse (or other place where records are stored), and manually pulls the complete record in question for you, and then those search results are directly sent to you, the customer.  On average most county searches take between 1-4 business days to complete. 


Instant Instant Statewide Criminal Background Checks - $24.95

Instant Instant National Criminal Background Check - $59.95

Instant County Criminal Background Checks - $24.95

Instant Federal Background Check - $29.95

Instant SSN Verification and Address History Trace - $14.95


What to expect when performing a County Criminal Background Check:

  • You can perform a county criminal conviction search anywhere in the USA
    • Each state in the United States of America is comprised of counties, cities, towns, parishes and communities.  Criminal records are created when a conviction verdict by a court is made typically at the county level, as that is where the US court system usually begins.
  • County criminal background checks go back 7 years and return felony conviction records and in some cases misdemeanor records.
  • Turnaround times range from 1 business day to weeks depending on the county being searched.
    • The more remote or bureaucratic the county is the longer the search takes.  Counties like Orange County in Florida are performed quickly, while a search request for Los Angeles County in California can take much longer to complete.
  • County criminal background checks are performed by professional court researchers.
  • County level background checks do not return arrest records, only conviction records.
  • In the USA today there is no criminal background check more reliable, up to date, accurate or complete than a county criminal background check

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