Tenant Screening Credit Score and Credit Report for Landlords and Property Managers

As a company, we at InstantCriminalChecks.com want to make the decision-making process as easy as possible for you. Many of our customers are landlords who invest in criminal background checks for tenant screening purposes, and they have been searching for an all-inclusive option that allows them access to this important safety information as well as a credit score. Our customers will be thrilled to know that we have launched the tenant screening website called www.TenantScreening.biz that offers a credit score report.

Tenantscreening.biz specializes in providing criminal, eviction, and credit score information, allowing landlords to make well-rounded decisions about applicants for their properties. This service comes at a low cost to our customers and does not require them to pay additional fees for registration or a membership. We provide this service specifically for our landlord customers, who have been searching for an option like this for quite some time.

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The tenant background reports offer our landlords a tenant score. This feature provides a credit report and tenant score for the landlord who placed the order. This is just another tool that landlords can use in order to make the best possible decision for themselves and for the community that their property is located in.

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We have been looking forward to launch our TenantScreening.biz website to help all the landlords who have been loyal customers for years. We truly feel that this will improve the decision-making process and allow landlords to come to their conclusions quickly and at a lower cost. This all-inclusive option will greatly improve the customer experience both at InstantCriminalChecks.com and TenantScreening.biz. No matter which site our customers choose to use for their tenant screening services, they will find that we provide detailed information instantly for an affordable price. As always, we welcome your feedback and look forward to working with you at TenantScreening.biz for all of your tenant screening and criminal background check needs.

For landlords that already have a credit solution in place such as an already established source for credit information like a credit report or credit score, but are still looking for an affordable way to quickly get criminal history reports and/or eviction record reports we have just the site for you… Please visit EvictionRecords.com another Screening Intelligence web-based solution.

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