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The tenant screening process is simplified when you work with Our online ordering system is easy, and provides you as the landlord with accurate, comprehensive results in a matter of seconds. assists you in making an informed decision about a potential tenant.

Tenant Screening Services for Landlords by Eviction RecordsWhether you own one rental property or are a manager of an entire apartment complex, it’s important to rent to someone who is trustworthy, reliable and safe. We offer you the opportunity to run a criminal background check in one state, three states or across the entire country, and you can do so without paying for registration fees or membership fees. Simply fill out an order form and select the options that work best for you, and place the order. Our background checks are affordable, accurate and nearly instantaneous, so you can quickly make a decision about a potential renter.


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Tenant Screening and Landlord Criminal Background Checks

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Certainly safety and security are a top priority, so it’s important to also invest in a criminal background check for every applicant who is hoping to live in one of your properties. It not only protects you from legal issues down the road, but helps you to keep your property and the surrounding community safe.

Our tenant background check customers prefer to work with us because we provide the most detailed, accurate and comprehensive results, and our criminal background checks are easy to read and understand. You won’t have to sift through tons of paperwork to get to the information you need in order to make a decision. We pride ourselves on our vast network of data-reporting agencies, which help us get you the best information in a matter of seconds. is known for its high level of customer service, and we welcome feedback from our clients. If you are a landlord renting out property, look into our tenant background checks today.