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At, we know that today’s world requires extra vigilance when it comes to website security. Our customers’ privacy and security has long been our top priority, as we want everyone to feel safe, confident and secure when they purchase background checks and employment checks through our company. We promise our customers that we will not misuse or mishandle their personal identification information, and it will not be shared with any unnecessary third party sources. For instance, must communicate with your credit card company, but we will never sell or share your information with companies looking to purchase such data.

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Privacy concerns and a commitment to the best security possible are written into our business mission statement and philosophies. In addition to customer care and experience being a top priority, we recognize that customers are often most concerned about their personal security and protecting their most private information. In order to ensure our customers’ privacy needs are being met, we at invest in Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technologies for our website. This helps make sure our customers’ private information, such as credit card numbers, phone numbers and addresses, are kept safe from hackers and other Internet criminals.

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Most recently, has invested in GeoTrust. This investment in our company’s security allows our customers to visibly see how secure our website is at any given point. GeoTrust allows customers who use high security browsers to see a green address bar at the top of their browser. When the address bar is green, customers know instantly that the site is secure and they can safely make a transaction on that webpage. The bar will also rotate between the URL and the secure company name. believes this is an important investment in our company, because our customers will enjoy being able to see how secure our site is in just once quick glance.

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Customers at can feel confident and secure when working with our professionals. No matter what information you provide, you will know how, when and where it will be used and you will know who it will be shared with if necessary. This is our commitment and our promise to our customers.


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