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At, we provide our clients with online criminal background checks for employment screening with instant results. We work with all different types of organizations as well as individuals in order to provide them with the information they need to feel secure about making important employment decisions, such as hiring an employee or choosing a caretaker. We are known in the background check industry as one of the top providers of quick, reliable and accurate criminal check information from all across the country. The criminal background checks are done electronically online, providing our customers with their results only seconds after they place an order. Our top priority is providing our customers an easy way to order the most accurate data in the shortest amount of time.

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As a background check provider, we work with not only business owners and employment managers but also individuals, families and non-profit organizations. People across the country use criminal background checks every day in order to make sure they are employing or working with safe, honest and hardworking people. We know how important this information is to our clients’ decision-making process, so we work hard each day to ensure our process is easy, convenient and effective. Our electronic gateways search through criminal report databases, information systems and private criminal background providers in order to provide the most comprehensive, detailed criminal reports possible for our clients.

The most common uses of criminal background checks include pre-employment screening, current employee screening, caretaker background checks and even self background checks, so that people understand what comes up in their own criminal history report. With our vast access and high-tech database system, we are able to provide the best results for our customers.

We work every day to improve our company and its processes, ensuring that each time you work with us will be better than the last. is America’s best online resource when it comes to obtaining valuable criminal background check information with instant results.