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At, we pride ourselves on the wide variety of services and criminal background search report options that we provide to our customers. Whether you are a business owner hoping to check state criminal background searches on a potential employee, or you are a landlord who wants to do a national criminal background search on a future tenant, we can get you the information you need instantaneously. We offer county and state criminal searches, a national criminal records search, and federal court records searches. You can also verify a social security number through our site and check to see if a person is on the registered sex offenders list.

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With all of these services available, you may not have time to browse our website in its entirety. We recognize that many of our clients have a specific reason for working with our company, and we know that time is of the essence. We offer our clients the use of a Google search feature on our site, allowing you to type in exactly what you are looking for and be directed to the page that you need in order to accomplish your goal.

Our search feature is designed to make the web page as user-friendly as possible. Operated by Google, you know that you can rely on this search engine in order to get the results that you need and find the precise page that you want. If for any reason you are still having difficulty getting the information you need, be sure to take the time to contact our customer service team by phone or e-mail. Customer service is our number one priority, and we want to make sure you have a positive experience at and that you are able to get the criminal background search information that you need.