Improved Order Form and Lower 3 State Criminal History Check Price

In order to improve the customer experience, has updated its order form. In addition, it has lowered the price of its 3-state criminal history check. It is now more affordable than ever for customers to ensure that those they are working closely with are safe, honest and reliable people.

Improved Ordering Process –
November 28, 2012 — has made placing an order even easier. The video below and following bullets explain the ordering process:

  1. Customer provides identification information about the person who will be screened. Information required includes a full name, birth date and an optional social security number.
  2. Customer selects which type of background check service they would like to order.  
  3. Previous customers can use login account information to complete their order. New customers are asked to fill out billing information. not only accepts all major credit cards but also gives customers the secure option of paying through PayPal.
  4. Customer is required to accept the terms and conditions. Once the terms are accepted, customer will have the information they are searching for returned to them in a matter of minutes.

Products and Pricing –
Customers at often find that the 3-State instant criminal history check provides the most thorough information for the best value.  For this product, the first state is $24.95, the second state is $14.95 and the third state is entirely free. This is an ideal background check for a person who is screening an employee who has lived in multiple states, especially during recent years.

Also included in the 3-State criminal history check product is a free national sex offender registry, which covers all 50 states in the country. In addition to that important background check, this product also offers customers a check of the U.S. Most Wanted Criminals List.

Given the information provided with this product, and the fact that three states are searched, most customers find this to be the preferred criminal check option for them when deciding who to hire or who to allow live in their properties. Here is the full list of products and prices for criminal history checks and other criminal records check services at

Criminal History Checks Product Price
Instant Statewide Criminal History Checks $24.95
Instant 3-State Criminal History Check $39.90
Instant National Criminal History Check $59.95
Non-Instant County Criminal History Checks $24.95
Non-Instant Federal Background Check $29.95
Non-Instant SSN Trace and Address History $14.95

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